Willena Moody Native American 6.5" x 4.5" Apache Basket w/Tin Cone Fringe Nice

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Willena Moody Native American 6.5" x 4.5" Apache Basket w/Tin Cone Fringe Whiteriver - Circa 1990's/2000's  

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Native American art with this exquisite 4.5" x 6" Apache Basket crafted by the renowned artist, Willena Moody. The basket showcases a remarkable blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design, making it a true collector's piece. Carefully handwoven, this basket features intricate patterns that reflect the artistry and history of the Apache tribe. The addition of tin cone fringe adds a touch of elegance and movement to this masterpiece.

Best I can determine from internet research is this Apache basket was expertly crafted by Willena Moody in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Materials: Natural fibers, tin cones

Approx. Dimensions: 

Basket (without fringe): 6-1/2" W (top) x 3-1/2" W (bottom) x 4-1/2" T

Length of fringe: 4-3/4 to 9" L

Approx. Weight: 4.5 ozs


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CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in overall very good vintage condition. This piece does not appear to have holes, tears, or missing fringe that I can see (see pictures). Since these are vintage pieces of art, they do come with natural imperfections that add to their character (zoom into photos to look for any imperfections). The vase that was used in the pictures is NOT included. Does not come with any original boxes, packaging, or any related paperwork. Will be packed carefully and insured for safe shipping. See detailed (zoom-able) pictures to know what you are purchasing. 

Biography of the Basket Maker, Willena Moody:

Willena Moody is a highly respected artist from the Apache tribe, known for her exceptional skills in basket weaving. Born and raised in Whiteriver, she has spent decades mastering traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. Willena's work often incorporates unique elements like tin cone fringes, showcasing her innovation while staying true to Apache traditions. Her baskets have been sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts, and each piece she creates is a testament to her dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of the Apache people.