Vtg 1989 Orion Home Video 25x37 Movie Poster Great Balls of Fire w/Dennis Quaid

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Vintage 1989 Orion Home Video 25x37 Movie Poster Great Balls of Fire w/Dennis Quaid plus 5 Additional Items from the Original Movie Promotion Package

This poster is a rare find, showcasing the iconic imagery and captivating design associated with the film. It's a must-have for any movie memorabilia collector or fan of the rock 'n' roll era. Not only do you get this rare poster, but you'll also receive a treasure trove of 5 original promotional items from the movie's release. This is a must-have for any music memorabilia collector or movie buff. This is a really unique promotional Orion home video poster package containing 6 items.

Here is what is included in this listing:

  • 1) 25” W X 37-1/2” T no border two sided video poster that was folded to fit in the mailing envelope;
  • 2) Four page 8-1/2” X 11” ad campaign promotional sheet in color with film pics;
  • 3) Six page color tri-fold with pictures and story lines from the film; 
  • 4) a separate hot sheet;
  • 5) Six page 9-3/4” X 11-3/4” promotional sheet in color with film pics about the actor, Dennis Quaid;
  • 6) Original special printed mailing envelope

Approx. Dimensions: 25” W X 37-1/2” T 

Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, but the 6 items vary in condition from very good to like new. The 2-sided poster is in good condition, with some minor edge and crease wear (see pictures). The colors are still bright and vibrant. This movie video poster package was mailed folded in a film advertising envelope. Different poster on each side with a top middle tear and some moisture marks. 4 pager is in mint condition except for small storage moisture damage in the upper left corner of the back page. The six pager with a middle slot for storing other promotional items is in great condition. The letter size hot sheet is in mint except for slight moisture damage (see picture). The six page letter size movie article with pictures is in like new condition.  The six page article with pictures of Dennis Quaid is like new. Mailing envelope is damaged from opening. See all pictures to know what you are purchasing.

The Movie

The theatre release was in 1989 and follows the career of “rockability” pioneer singer, piano, music recording star, Jerry Lee Lewis.  Actor Dennis Quaid became proficient in playing the piano in the style that Lewis did.  Winona Ryder plays his young wife Myra in the film.  Until his tour in England, Lewis was heading to become a bigger singer than Elvis Presley.  However, in England on tour, it came out he was married to a 13 year old.  As a result, his career took a huge nose dive. Lewis’s alcoholism did not help.  The music is lively and Quaid does a great job of portraying Lewis.  The film was shot in multiple southern states and has one the best musical movie lines: “I’m not going to hell; I am going to play piano”.

Dennis Quaid

Known for his grin, Dennis Quaid is currently still acting as he has done for almost the last 50 years.  He plays in a band, directed TV, and is a one handicap golfer and known for his Christian faith. Quaid is a recovering drug and anorexic addict.  He filmed an interview with Anthony Fauci during the 2020 Corvid epidemic. When his twins were in the hospital, they were given the wrong amount of a medication.  Both his wife and Quaid sued and later become advocates for prescription drug labeling and testified before Congress on the issue.