Vtg 1983 Crownford Giftware NY Cobalt Blue Clip-Top Canister Set w/New Seals

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Vintage 1983 Crownford Giftware NY Cobalt Blue Clip-Top Canister Set Made in Italy w/New Seals - LN with Extra Seals 


Uncover a timeless treasure with this Vintage 1983 Crownford Giftware NY Cobalt Blue Clip-Top Canister Set, meticulously crafted in Italy. This exquisite set, in "Like New" condition, showcases the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Each canister boasts a distinctive cobalt blue hue, coupled with the quality craftsmanship synonymous with Crownford Giftware NY.


These clip-top canisters not only serve as practical storage solutions but also stand as elegant pieces of decor. The tight-fitting lids ensure the preservation of contents, making them ideal for storing kitchen staples or enhancing your home's vintage charm. Embrace the allure of Italian craftsmanship and add a touch of nostalgia to your living space with this iconic 1983 Crownford Giftware NY canister set.


Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.


CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in excellent condition. Pieces do not appear to have any chips, cracks or scratches that I can see (see all pictures). Lids seal nicely, especially with the new white silicone seals that were purchased with extra seals included. Does not come with their original box, packaging, or any related paperwork. See all detailed pictures to know what you are purchasing.


Release Date or Age of Item:

Vintage 1983 (approx. 40 years old)


Short Biography of the Manufacturer:

Crownford Giftware was a prominent importer and distributor of decorative glassware and tableware from the 1950s to the 1980s. Their products, often crafted in Italy or other European countries, were known for their high-quality materials, vibrant colors, and elegant designs. While Crownford is no longer in operation, their vintage pieces remain popular among collectors and enthusiasts of Mid-Century Modern style.


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