Vintage Intel 9x7 inch Data Catalog 1976 Edition Rare Tech Collectible Excellent

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Vintage Intel 9x7 inch Data Catalog 1976 Edition Rare Tech Collectible - Excellent Condition

This vintage Intel catalog is a treasure trove for anyone passionate about the history of computing and Intel's role in shaping it. The pages are filled with technical details, specifications, and insights into the technology landscape of the mid-1970s. This book is a rare find for collectors. Whether you're a tech historian, a vintage computing enthusiast, or someone looking for a unique piece of Intel's history, this catalog is sure to add value to your collection. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of computing history!

Approx. Dimensions: 9" T x 7" W x 1" Thick

Approx. 560 pages

Sold as is. No warranty from seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, and in excellent condition given its age. This manual does not have any visible wear (except for some slight edge wear), bent pages, markings, or tears (except for small tear on left side of spline) that I could see (see pictures). There is some slight discoloration from age in the white portions of the covers (see pictures). See full description and all detailed pictures (zoom-able) to know what you are purchasing. 

Short Biography of the Publisher:

Intel Corporation, founded in 1968, is a global technology giant and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry. The Intel Microcomputer Systems Data Book reflects the company's early commitment to advancing microprocessor technology. As a leader in innovation, Intel has played a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape, and this publication provides a glimpse into the roots of their groundbreaking work in microcomputing.