Vintage 1949 Kodak Duaflex II Viewfinder Camera w/Bulb Flash Attachment & Strap

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Vintage 1949 Kodak Duaflex II Viewfinder Camera w/Bulb Flash Attachment & Strap

Think how good you will look having this camera hanging from your neck.  The camera’s body has a black artificial leather look.  The viewfinder opens at the top and views the image through lens above the actual Kodak camera lens. Taking pictures are easy because the aperture is set at a fixed setting.  The Flash attaches to the camera and uses 2 AA batteries (not included). The strap is 34” long.  The camera recommends 620 film and 5B flashbulbs which are still available on the Internet. Based on internet research, the Kodak Duaflex II Viewfinder Camera appears to have been first released in 1949/1950. Its vintage status and historical significance contribute to its appeal among photography enthusiasts and collectors.


At one time Kodak was the biggest photographic company in the world with billions of dollars in sales and profits.  It was headquartered in Rochester NY and named after an Alaska bear. They were the inventor of the digital camera but did not market it so as not to lose its film and developing business.  It set industry standards and refused to make film in other formats other than those used for its cameras.  Its film is known for its color packaging and the company for its sales and marketing.

Approx. Dimensions: 

  • Camera: 3'' W x 5'' T x 3-1/4'' D
  • Flash Unit: 5-1/4'' W x 5-1/4'' T x 4'' D

Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in Very Good condition given its age. The camera is in great working condition but NOT tested with batteries. Batteries are NOT included. The battery holder in the flash has no rust or battery leakage. The viewfinder does show some interior dust and scratches from the upper viewing lens. The camera’s shiny surfaces do show some scratches. The inside film loading area is in mint condition but missing the take-up reel. In some places, the reflected coating on the flash unit is worn off. Except for stiffness due to age and storage, the rubber strap is free of cuts and very useable. The camera was not tested by filming and then developing the film but everything appears to work. The lens optics appear clean and clear with no scratches, chips, streaks, fungus, fog or haze that I can see (see pictures). The camera does not come with its original box, original packaging, or user manual. The camera will be carefully packed and insured for safe shipping. See detailed high resolution (zoom-able) pictures to know what you are purchasing.