Unbranded Panavision Paratar Anamorphic Cinema Projection Theater Lens 2X - 1.5X

  • $99.97

This lens appears to be identical to a Panavision Paratar Anamorphic Cinema Projection Theater Panoramic Lens found online on Worth Point, with all the markings being the same (the 15ft to Infinity range on the side and the 2X to 1.5X markings inside the lens) except it is missing the Panavision branding on the middle outside indent from the end of the lens. It may be a look-a-like lens made by a different company, but can't be sure.

An amazing find for vintage camera & projector enthusiasts! This lens is part of over a hundred items of remaining inventory from the Cairo Camera Shop.

BACKSTORY:  Frank G Cairo, Owner of the Cairo Camera Shop  

Frank Cairo moved from the Bronx, New York to Kenosha, WI in 1943.  The next year, after getting married, he acquired the neighborhood grocery store next door and made it into Cairo Camera Shop.  He operated the store for over fifty years until his death in 1997.

He loved cameras, projectors, movie stars and movies and was the photographer for the local auto workers union. He began collecting 8, 16 and 35mm films.  Eventually, Cairo Home Movies became the largest private film collection in Wisconsin.  In addition to renting films and projectors, he would take and show movies at parties and events. In the summers, he had free outdoor movie nights for neighborhood kids. If you would like to see a 5 minute video about Frank Cairo and his camera shop as told by his son, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqCoUsiGfaA

Now, after 25 years, the family is selling its well-kept collection of vintage camera and movie equipment and memorabilia.  The family hopes you will have the opportunity in the coming weeks and months to enjoy some of the items being sold as they have all these years.

Based on my internet research, this type of lens was used with professional motion picture, theater, and cinema projection equipment, as well as adapted for other uses, but can't be sure.

WHAT IS AN ANAMORPHIC LENS? Anamorphic is Greek for “to transform.”  It is a filming technique of stretching 35 mm film into a widescreen picture.  It can also be used to take a distorted image and recreate it into its original aspect.  Later, it was replaced with digital cinema cameras.  But now, it has become somewhat more popular because of the improved digital sensors of cameras which allows for the use of these lens for shooting at smaller apertures and the added benefit of a greater depth of field. The C-Series Panavision is the most common.  Here is a link to an informative video comparing spherical and anamorphic lenses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzuFRgSUIyU

Approx. Dimensions: 6" L (at 15ft mark) and 6-3/4" L (at Infinity mark) x 4-1/8" W (large end) x 2" W (small end) 

Approx. Weight of Lens: 2 lb, 9 ozs 

Sold as is. No warranty. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in overall good condition given its age. Not tested but everything seems to look good (see pictures). The lens optics appear clean and clear with no scratches, chips, streaks, fungus, fog or haze that I can see (see pictures). The lens body is a bit dirty from use, but appears to be free from nicks, dents, scratches, or other marks from what I can see, except for 1 screwhead that appears worn from use and some rub marks on the shorter end of the lens (see pictures). This lens does not include any inner or outer lens caps. This lens does not include a mounting adapter. This lens does not come with its original box, any original packaging, or any instruction manual. The lens will be carefully packed and insured for safe shipping. See detailed high resolution (zoom-able) pictures to know what you are purchasing.