RARE Shamanistic Effigy Native Peruvian Amazonian Indian 11"x12" Pottery Vessel

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Rare Antique Shamanistic Effigy Native Peruvian Amazonian Indian 11"x12" Pottery Vessel

This unique pottery vessel was created by Shipibo Conibo artisans from the Peruvian Amazon region and features intricate shamanistic effigies on its surface. The vessel is made from ceramic clay and measures 11-1/2 inches in height and 12-1/2 inches in width. Its design and motifs demonstrate the ancient cultural practices of the Amazonian Indian people. This amazing Shipibo-Conibo effigy vessel we estimate dates to the early 20th century.

The Shipbo-Conibo people live in the Amazon and practice shamanism. The patterns painted on their traditional pottery vessels and woven into their textiles represent the patterns/order of the universe that we cannot see.

This piece is part of a private collection that is being sold (watch for more pieces in the near future). The owner's father purchased many of his pieces, over a forty year period and is currently in his 90's.

Some details:

  • Item: Pottery Jar 
  • Culture/Tribe: Peruvian Amazonian Indian
  • Artist/Maker: Unknown, unsigned
  • Date/Circa: 1910-1940 (the best we can determine)
  • Approx. Size: 11-1/2" T x 12-1/2" W
  • Approx. Weight: 5 lbs, 9 ozs
  • Materials: Hand coiled clay

Sold as is. No warranty from the Seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in overall fair condition given it appears to be over 70 years old. This piece does not appear to have any cracks, hairlines, or repairs that I can see or feel, except does have one chips along the rim, some worn paint areas, and a few places where the paint has peeled off to bare clay from use and age (see pictures). Native Amazonian Indian pottery of this type were not made for the purposes of tourism but for everyday use in the traditional form of tribal vessels for the Shipibo-Conibo culture. Ultraviolet examination also did not reveal any cracks or repairs. Since these are vintage pieces of art, they do come with natural imperfections and discolorations that add to their character (zoom into photos to look for any imperfections), and there may be some signs of wear or age that are typical for an item of its age. Does not come with any original boxes, packaging, or any related paperwork. Will be packed carefully and insured for safe shipping. See detailed (zoom-able) pictures to know what you are purchasing.