RARE Primitive 15" Tribal Ceremonial War Club Wood Hand Carved Geometric Pattern

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Primitive 15" Tribal Ceremonial War Club Wood Hand Carved Geometric Pattern


This exquisite antique tribal ceremonial war club is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of primitive art. The hand-carved geometric patterns on this 15-inch wooden war club are a testament to the skill and creativity of the unknown artist who created it. The rich brown color adds to its rustic appeal, making it a perfect addition to any antique or primitive collection. The size of this small sculpture is ideal for display in your home or office, and its originality makes it a unique conversation starter.


Approx. Dimensions: 15" L x 3-3/8" W x 1-1/4" D

Approx. Weight: 9.9 ozs


Sold as is. No warranty from the Seller. No Returns.


CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in good vintage condition. This piece does have a piece broken off on the small arrow like end of the club and shows some wear of the black markings on the edges and tips (see pictures). Since these are vintage pieces of art, they do come with natural imperfections and discolorations that add to their character (zoom into photos to look for any imperfections), and there may be some signs of wear or age that are typical for an item of its age. Does not come with any original boxes, packaging, or any related paperwork. Will be packed carefully and insured for safe shipping. See detailed (zoom-able) pictures to know what you are purchasing. 


Short Biography of the Carver:

Unfortunately, specific information about the carver of this tribal ceremonial war club is not available. However, it is evident that the carver possessed exceptional skills and a deep connection to tribal traditions, as evidenced by the intricate geometric pattern on this unique artifact. The tribal artistry in this piece reflects the rich cultural heritage of its region.


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