Olympus 35mm SuperZoom 3000 DLX 35mm Film Camera w/Case + 2 New Batteries

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Olympus Superzoom Model 3000 DLX Multi AF 38mm to 110mm Compact 35 mm Film Camera with Carrying Case and 2 New Batteries and Printed Instructions

This muti-functional, ultra-compact camera’s features are powered by two CR123A 3 volt lithium batteries. The power zoom goes from 38mm to 110mm telephoto. The viewfinder automatically adjusts to the lens.  The camera has a built electronic flash. Electric eye to automatically set the exposure. There is an option to take delayed picture with sufficient time to get into the picture. The attached 18-inch hand strap fits thru the top of the gray vinyl case.  The case has a slot for a belt or gadget bag.  The instructions included were downloaded from the internet and are very detailed.  Here is a link for a demonstration video on how this model of camera works: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRQMPNPUo1Y

Release Date or Age of Item: The Olympus Superzoom Model 3000 DLX was first introduced in 1995.

Approx. Dimensions: 5-1/4" W x 2-5/8" T x 2-3/8" D (Zoom not extended) 

Approx. Weight: 12.3 Ozs

Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, but camera is in great working condition and tested with batteries (see pictures). The open/close battery slot is marred from improper opening from earlier use, but still functions.  Please use the 25 cent piece included with the camera to open/close the battery compartment. The inside film loading area is in mint condition. Not tested by filming and then developing the film but everything appears to work. The lens optics appear clean and clear with no scratches, chips, streaks, fungus, fog or haze that I can see (see pictures). The plastic camera body is in good shape except for light scrap in front and around the open film compartment button. The Olympus carrying case surprisingly has little wear. The camera does not come with its original box or packaging. See all pictures to know what you are purchasing.


Originally founded in 1919, Takachiho Seisakusho became Olympus Corp. in 2003.  The Japanese company became a large manufacturer of medical, scientific and industrial products.  In 1936, it introduced its first camera, a folding or bellows camera.  The Company was known for its innovation and smaller sizes.  A good example is its 1960’s “Pen” camera series that made it possible to take 72 pictures with every 36 exposure roll of 35mm film. This success was followed by the OM Camera System designed to compete with Canon and Nikon professional 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) cameras.  Later, they were credited with developing the smallest and lightest microcassette voice recorder.  

Zoom Lens

The 1950’s brought many innovative bells and whistles to cameras like built in light meters that automatically adjusted the lens aperture and the Zoom lens.   The problem with early zoom lens was that they needed to be put in focus as each focal length.  This was solved when Clile Allen received a patent for his lens in 1902.  His zoom lens retained near sharp focus while the focal length of the assembly was changed.  For instance, in going from a 13mm wide angle view to 50mm telephoto each image is in clear focus.  The key was incorporating into the lens multiple lenses. 


An amazing find for vintage camera & projector enthusiasts! The cameras are part of many items acquired from the Cairo Camera Shop.  Please check often as many become available in the near future.

BACKSTORY:  Frank G Cairo, Owner of the Cairo Camera Shop  

Frank Cairo moved from the Bronx, New York to Kenosha, WI in 1943.  The next year, after getting married, he acquired the neighborhood grocery store next door and made it into Cairo Camera Shop.  He operated the store for over fifty years until his death in 1997.

He loved cameras, projectors, movie stars and movies and was the photographer for the local auto workers union. He began collecting 8, 16 and 35mm films.  Eventually, Cairo Home Movies became the largest private film collection in Southern Wisconsin.  In addition to renting films and projectors, he would show movies at parties and events. In the summers, he had free outdoor movie nights for neighborhood kids. If you would like to see a 5 minute video about Frank Cairo and his camera shop as told by his son, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqCoUsiGfaA