Nitschke Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany 9x7 Water Color Unframed Print

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Detlev Nitschke Konigsschloss Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany 9x7 Water Color Unframed Print Copyright Michael Hanne - Poststrabe 15 - 87642 Trauchgau

This listing includes a unframed stunning "Nitschke Konigsschloss Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany" watercolor print, measuring 9x7 inches. This exquisite artwork captures the beauty and grandeur of the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. Created by renowned artist Michael Hanne, this print showcases intricate details and vibrant colors, allowing you to experience the enchantment of this famous landmark. The artwork is a reproduction of an original piece, preserving the essence of the castle's architecture and its surrounding landscape. The image is printed on high-quality paper, ensuring its longevity and visual appeal.

Release Date or Age of Item:

The release date or age of this particular print is not explicitly mentioned. However, the Neuschwanstein Castle itself was completed in 1886, and Michael Hanne is a contemporary artist. Therefore, this print is likely a more recent reproduction, capturing the timeless beauty of the castle in a modern artwork format. Best we could figure from internet research is the print was produced in the 1990's.

Approx. Dimensions: 9-3/8" W x 7-1/8" T

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CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in excellent physical condition. Artwork does not have any tears, but does appear to have a slight blemish near the top of the print which may not be visible if the print is eventually matted (see pictures). This is an unframed piece that is on thick stock so it will be carefully packed up flat so it can be safely shipped and not get bent. This listing does not include any user documentation about its authenticity. Images included in this listing are of the exact item you will receive. Please see all high resolution detailed images (which are zoom-able) of this listing to know what you are purchasing.