Montana 1979 Prospector Brass Belt Buckle w/Gold IZ-0948 Registered Collection

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Montana 1979 The Prospector Brass Belt Buckle w/Real Gold IZ-0948 by Registered Collection for Montana's Bamco Bank - Heritage Mint

Solid Brass Buckle with Natural PURE Gold in the Prospector's Pan.

Celebrate Montana's rich history with this exquisite 1979 Prospector Brass Belt Buckle featuring a touch of real gold. Crafted by Registered Collection for Montana's Bamco Bank, this limited edition collectible is a true treasure. Whether you're a dedicated collector, a proud Montanan, or simply an aficionado of unique accessories, this belt buckle is a must-have piece.

Approx Dimensions: 3-1/4" W x x 2-1/2" T

Fits: 1-1/2 inch wide belt or 1-3/4" snugly

Weighs: 6.7 ozs

Appears to include genuine gold nugget added, but can't be sure. This buckle does come from a couple who had a real gold mining company!

Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: New, open box. Does not include original packaging or paperwork, but does have real gold added in the gold pan on the buckle and was inserted in a plastic zip-lock bag. See all detailed high resolution pictures to know what you are purchasing!

Short Background on the Manufacturer:

Registered Collection is a renowned manufacturer of limited edition collectibles, known for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Montana's Bamco Bank partnered with them in 1979 to create this special Prospector Brass Belt Buckle, featuring genuine gold detailing. This collaboration was intended to commemorate Montana's rich history of prospecting and mining, making this belt buckle a unique piece of both Montana's heritage and collectible memorabilia.