Chinese Canton Rose Medallion Porcelain Plate From 19th Century 8 Inch Unique Rare

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Chinese Canton Rose Medallion Porcelain Plate From 19th Century 8" Unique Rare

Up for sale is a stunning 19th Century (best we can determine) Chinese Canton Rose Medallion Porcelain Plate measuring 8 inches in diameter. This exquisite piece is showcases its intricate hand-painted details and vibrant colors that have stood the test of time.

This antique porcelain plate is a true collector's gem. The Canton Rose Medallion pattern is celebrated for its rich history and timeless beauty. It features a central medallion with a traditional Chinese garden scene surrounded by intricate floral and bird motifs, all meticulously hand-painted. The vibrant palette of pinks, greens, blues, and gold accents adds to its allure.

The plate's craftsmanship is exceptional, with finely executed details and a glazed finish. This piece would make a magnificent addition to any porcelain collection or as a decorative item to grace your home. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history.

Approx. Dimensions: 8" Diameter x 1" D

Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in overall excellent condition. This collector plate does not appear to have any crazing, chips, cracks, or repairs that I can see or feel, but does have surface scratches in the gold center of of the plate (see pictures). At first glance there appears to be a chip on the edge of the plate, but when looking closely this is a manufacturing defect since the "chip" is covered with glaze and paint (see picture). Since these are vintage pieces, they do come with natural imperfections that add to their character (zoom into photos to look for any imperfections). Does not come with any original boxes, packaging, or any related paperwork. Will carefully pack and insured for safe shipping. See detailed (zoom-able) pictures to see what you are purchasing. 

Short Background and History:

The Chinese Canton Rose Medallion porcelain pattern is highly regarded for its historical significance and craftsmanship. This style originated in the Guangdong province of China during the 19th century, specifically during the Qing Dynasty. Canton porcelain was highly sought after by Western markets, including Europe and the United States, due to its intricate hand-painted designs and vibrant color palette.

The term "Rose Medallion" refers to the central medallion with a depiction of a traditional Chinese garden scene, often featuring birds and flowers. These plates were prized as decorative pieces and were often used as display items in grand homes.

The craftsmanship of Canton Rose Medallion porcelain is characterized by its attention to detail, hand-painted designs, and beautiful glazes. These pieces were and continue to be collectible due to their historical and artistic value. This plate is a testament to the skill of Chinese artisans during the 19th century and remains a cherished antique today.