BlackWeb PC Multi-Media Stereo Speakers w/Subwoofer #BWA15H0110 NEW

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BlackWeb PC Multi-Media Stereo Speakers w/Subwoofer #BWA15H0110 NEW

Enhance your audio experience with these high-quality BlackWeb PC Multi-Media Stereo Speakers. Designed for multimedia enthusiasts, these speakers deliver crystal-clear sound and deep bass thanks to the built-in subwoofer. Whether you're gaming, watching movies, or listening to music, these speakers will take your entertainment to the next level.

Sold as is. No warranty from the seller. No Returns.

CONDITION NOTE: New, in original factory packaging, never been used. Removed from the box just for pictures. Box has some storage/edge wear (see pictures). See all detailed high resolution pictures to know what you are purchasing!

Short background on the manufacturer:

BlackWeb is a brand of consumer electronics accessories that is owned by Walmart. BlackWeb products are known for their affordability and good value for money.

Release date or age of item:

The BlackWeb PC Multimedia Stereo Speaker system with subwoofer was released in the 2020 timeframe.