Vintage Anchor Hocking Opalescent Moonstone Hobnail 7” Glass Bowl w/Handles LN

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Vintage Anchor Hocking Opalescent Moonstone Hobnail 7” Glass Bowl w/Handles


This stunning vintage glass bowl from Anchor Hocking is a true collector's delight. Crafted in the iconic Moonstone pattern, it features a mesmerizing opalescent finish.  The hobnail design adds a delicate texture, while the two handles provide a elegant touch and make it easy to carry. This piece does not glow under ultraviolet light.


This bowl is the perfect size for serving snacks, candies, or displaying decorative items. Its versatile design allows it to seamlessly blend with various decor styles, from vintage to modern. It is a rare find for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Approx. Dimensions: 2-1/4" T x 7-1/2" W x 6-3/4" D

Approx. Weight: 11.4 ozs


Sold as is. No warranty from seller. No Returns.


CONDITION NOTE: Used, but in excellent condition for its age. This dish does not have any chips, scratches, cracks, or repairs that I can see or feel (see pictures). There are 2 bubble like defects on the bottom of the dish, but they are internal to the glass and cannot feel them on the inside or outside of the dish (see pictures). Does not include the original box, packaging, or any related documentation. See detailed high resolution (zoom-able) pictures to know what you are purchasing.


Manufacturer Background

Anchor Hocking is an American glassware company founded in 1905 in Lancaster, Ohio. Known for their innovative designs and high-quality products, they became one of the leading manufacturers of glass tableware and ovenware in the 20th century. The company's iconic Moonstone pattern, introduced in the 1930s, remains a highly sought-after collectible among vintage glass enthusiasts. 


Release Date/Age

The Moonstone pattern was first introduced by Anchor Hocking in the 1930s, making this particular bowl approximately 80-90 years old. 


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